WYOP Insights: Winter (Q1) 2016

WYOP is a platform to have fun, share, give back and make life more fulfilling and worthy! At times in life, many of us have an urge to explore the unexplored or to think the unthinkable but sometimes we stop.
At WYOP we say – Let’s do it!!
Let’s explore life and let’s explore living!

Our journey began in 2012 with an idea of inspiring community to lead healthy life and be inspiration to others as well.

WYOP is formally registered as Zurich based association in 2015 with the objective of organizing health workshops & running events, provide platform to share inspirational stories & experiences and advice the community to lead a healthier and happier life

In 2015, WYOP organized 2nd WYOP running event, 2 health workshops (Running Injury and Yoga), inspirational talks from achievers and a fitness stall at IAGZ Picnic. WYOP also trained Asha Zurich volunteers for 2015 Zurich Marathon. WYOP supports Asha Zurich, which is Zurich based association supporting the education of underpriviledged children in India.

Our Activities

Workshop on Injury Free Running & Inspiration Talks by Runners – March 22

The workshop on Injury free Running was conducted by Junaid Azmuth, a Biokineticist & Fitness Specialist. Junaid has played Profession Rugby in South Africa, has trained Olympic Athletes & Coached Zurich Rugby Team. The event was held at Taj Palace, Honngerstrasse 25 and attended by ~20 Participants
Inspirational Talks were made by Anirudh Lohia,Anindya & Nathalie, a triathlete

2nd WYOP Run – June 07

WYOP organized its 2nd WYOP Run event on 7th of June 15 after a big success in 2014. This year 100+ runners of different age group including kids happily participated in Family run of 1.6km, Individual run of 5 & 10kms. The 10km run stretch was held outdoor in the green fields near Affoltern,Zurich. The run inspired many first timers and regular runners who got an opportunity to run with their spouse, kids & friends.
WYOP donated CHF 213 to Asha Zurich.
The event was highlighted on City Running website www.cityrunning.ch

Health Awareness stand at IAGZ Picnic – September 13

WYOP held health awareness stand and conducted health checks of 24 IAGZ members ( 15 men and 9 women) with average age of 42-44 years. The body weight, fat mass and muscle mass were measured and shared with members with an advice to have a more active lifestyle including healthy eating and outdoor activity.

Yoga workshops and talks – November 15

The event was held on 15th of November at GZ Oerlikon, Gubelstrasse 10, 8050, Zurich. Morag Pryde, who teaches Yoga in Zurich and Winterthur organized an hour of workshop wherein 15+ members participated.
Christop Gieger, a 73 year young runner shared his story and experience of running without sleep for 48hours in the ultra-trail du Mont-Blanc marathon, a 170 km race with a height gain of 10000 meters. He is the oldest runner in the world to finish this brutal race
Wendy Wiemer shared the stage sharing her experience of participating in almost all marathons in the world. She ran her 50th Marathon in Berlin this year.

Articles on Vitamin D and Cardiovascular disease

WYOP released articles written by Indranil Bhattacharya pertaining to cardiovascular diseases amongst Young Asian Indians and importance of having the optimum level of Vitamin D for healthy living.
Cardiovascular diseases: The article showcases research on how cardio vascular diseases is currently impacting Indian Asian population and how to prevent it by eating right & active lifestyle.
Vitamin D: The article highlights on why Vitamin D is important, how can it be increased in the body and its importance for a sportsperson.
The articles are available on our website here

2016 :Road Ahead
In 2016, WYOP intends to organize events with larger scale with an objective to inspire more people through wider participation. The objective is also to provide financial support to upcoming athlete/sportsperson in India coming from lower middle class families with limited financial capabilities.
If you would like to be part of our vision to inspire and get inspired, please support us by way of volunteering or donating for right cause.

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty" - Winston Churchill

We are looking for inspirational and motivational personal stories for our newsletter. If you have one, please do share with us and we would happily include it in our next newsletter.
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